Growth & Reflection


We focus on growth and reflection. We offer our clients and partners
business-oriented methods to grow as individuals and in organisations.
We believe people shine when they find meaningfulness and a suitable position in their work community.

Focus on growth of individuals and organisations


We offer clients and partners business- oriented methodologies for assessments for individual capability, professional style and potential evaluation for specific job roles. The assessment strives for seeking professional strength areas and means for development for individuals and organisations. This supports companies in finding relevant talent match for various positions ands building efficient and diverse teams. We also help individuals to develop based on their own personality, strengths and motivation.

Kiwirola is a company established in 1985 as an investment company originally. The company brand name is combined from family members names and letters in their names. The company purpose has been enlargened to consulting services in recent years. 

Photo by: Otso Matero
Photo by: Otso Matero
Photo by: Otso Matero
Photo by: Otso Matero

Kirsi Matero

I have about 30 years of experience in senior HR positions in various industries in multinational or international stock listed companies. I have focused on people and organizational development: finding the strength areas in each individual and team to achieve the best possible business results. My superpower is supporting an individual reach her full potential and helping this person professionally flourish. Specifically supporting young people in their career inspires me. I am certified in psychometric assessment methodologies (Saville Aptitude & Wave, Workplace Big 5 and 360 assessments) and also a certified business coach (Certified Progress Coach).

I have during my career acquired hundreds of talents for various leadership and individual contributor positions and developed most appropriate organizational and operating models for various business needs. I can offer my services in English, Finnish and Swedish languages, virtually or face-to-face.

Along with people, my passion is nature and doing various outdoor sports in summer and winter time, travel and good food.

Kirsi’s LinkedIn -profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kirsimatero/


Talent Assessment

Modern, business-oriented capability and personality assessments as part of talent acquisition, individual and team development or career planning


Coaching and/or mentoring services as part of individual development or career planning


Recruitment consultancy and services for companies to development appropriate recruitment channels, conducting interviews or talent mapping in Finland and internationally


Planning, implementation and facilitation of leadership and organizational development projects with partners



Kiwirola capabilities are furthermore built on networks and partnerships and we offer services both under Kiwirola brand name and via partners.

Belongio is a network of experienced leaders in business development and strategy, sales and HR. Belongio network develops diversity, inclusiveness and equity in workplaces. The focus is in an improved employee experience via sustainable leadership and corporate culture.


Edward Lynx is in international management consulting firm, headquartered in Stockholm. They focus on tailor made leadership development solutions and assessments globally.


Want to Know More? Contact Us

You are also welcome to contact Kirsi on: +358-40-7256244 or by email at: kirsi.matero(at)kiwirola.com